Enroll Camp Camp opening on June 25th 2018
Active Tech Camp
Programs Offered (one-week sessions):LEGO Robotics
In this program, campers are introduced to the next big technology: robots. They will build LEGO robots, program the robots using visual programming language, and use the robots to solve multiple challenges.Video Game Design
In this program, campers learn how to create basic video games. They will make and find pixel art, add functions to the characters, learn how to program, and build their own game that can be played on a computer.Stop-Motion Animation
In this program, campers use their story-telling imagination to create a short movie. Utilizing the same technique that is used in movies such as “The Boxtrolls” and “Shaun the Sheep” they will write their own story, learn animation techniques, add sound and music, and create props for the movie.Price of each session is $525 (one-week session).
To enroll for Active Tech Camp, please submit the Camp West Woods Application, Camp West Woods Health Form, and payment.If you have questions, please send an email to campwestwoods@verizon.net or call 781-341-4424.

A new camp for children entering grades 1-8Active Tech Camp offers children the opportunity to discover and build on their creativity to learn new technology. Each one-week session focuses on a specific program (LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, or Stop-Motion Animation) that allows campers to develop projects. Whether it’s building a robotic car made of LEGOs or designing an adventure-filled video game, the options for projects are limitless! At Active Tech Camp, learning hands-on with technology has never been more fun.

In order to maintain a healthy mind and body, campers will participate in the technology class in the morning, and then enjoy different outside activities in the afternoon. In addition to daily recreational swim, campers will choose from a wide range of electives including archery, ropes course, paddle tennis, arts and crafts, sports, cooking, and much more.

Active Tech Camp is directed by Larry Fargo, a freelance digital artist with over 8 years of technology teaching experience. Larry has an extensive background in video game design and 3D art. He has worked on multiple AAA game titles and is currently working as lead 3D artist on an FPS for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

Enrollment for Active Tech Camp is limited to 10 campers per session.

Session Information

Active Tech 1 June 26-30 Science Camp 1
Active Tech 2 July 10-14 Science Camp 2
Active Tech 3 July 17-21 Science Camp 3
Active Tech 4 August 7-11 Science Camp 4