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our summer and school - year programs


Camp West Woods Summer Camp

We offer something for everyone: Day Camp, Gymnastics Camp, Adventure Bound Travel Camp, and Active Tech Camp (LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, and Stop-Motion Animation). We provide a diverse array of activities to foster physical skills, self-esteem, and respect for others. Please contact us at campwestwoods@verizon.net

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Our pre-school program, for children ages 2 years 9 months to 5 years, is designed to help children reach their fullest potential at their own rate of development. We offer flexible enrollment options, a safe and stimulating learning environment, and a dynamic curriculum that includes educational readiness activities and gymnastics instruction.

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Tumble N Twist Gymnastics Center

Our gymnastics school provides high-quality gymnastics classes that meet every stage in a child’s development in a safe and fun environment. We believe that gymnastics training helps children develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and self-confidence. We offer both recreational classes for ages 2+ and a team program.

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of lego

Academy of LEGO provides children the opportunity to discover and build on their creativity to learn new technology. The classes, which are offered after school, include LEGO Robotics, Video Game Design, and Stop-Motion Animation. Whether it’s building a robotic car made of LEGOs or designing an adventure-filled video game, the options for projects are limitless.

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Experience the fun of camp during the school year! We offer a Vacation Camp Program, for children ages 4+, during the December, February, and April school vacations. Activities include gymnastics, sports, arts & crafts, outdoor play, and special surprises. You can enroll for 1 day, 2 days, etc.

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